The Alchemical Guitarist I & II ~ Richard Lloyd Page Four

Richard shows us. Its there for all to hear. Amazing! You need to check out each chapter as it appears they recorded 2 lesson every month. Some lessons are better than others! See the menu below!

So why do you need this? Understanding and technique! Its got some excellent tips for making the most of the guitar neck. The order in which it is presented could be more linear. The focus is broad.

Its a good overview - not my very first choice for a just starting player but for players looking to go further. Is it rock? There is no music played really. Its all lessons.

You'll learn some great short cuts if you try, that will reinforce a lot of what you have already glimpsed perhaps and make you want to do the exercises presented at least to see if his claims are true! Like I said up top: "Is it style over substance or substance over style?" This is mostly substance the style is up to us! I would definitely have a guitar reference book close at hand when trying to make sense of this. I already mentioned three must havereferences in this write up.  Here they are again.

Just one of other C-A-G-E-D system lesson I discovered. That one was country acoustic. Here is great reference book CAGED Approach. Here is a CAGED guitar method book and digital course in a set. (Electric)

Here is what Lesson 1's menu looks like

  • Ch 1: Magic Circles the cycle of fourths and fifths. Ratios too.
  • Ch 2: Skeleton key or unlocking the modes with the mystical major scale diagram.
  • Ch 3: Call Me, two telephone numbers and an introduction to vertical knowledge
  • Ch 4: Five chords and the truth, the five chord cycle
  • Ch 5: Dark stuff the modes in order of descending brightness
  • Ch 6: 48 step program the modal step down practice program
  • Ch 7: Box cutters breaking free with pentatonic trees
  • Ch 8: Diagonal Diatonics or another way out of the boxes
  • Ch 9: Back in the box positional play an the pentatonic boxes
  • Ch 10: Minor issues emphasizing minor thirds in pentatonic patterns
  • Ch 11: Opening your third eye or three maps for moving in and out of the boxes
  • Ch 12: the Hexatonic "Blues" scales
Here is what Lesson 2's menu looks like
  • Ch 1: Expanding Your Palette: playing walking bass on the guitar
  • Ch 2: Riding Satan's Tritone: or how the devils interval makes all things possible
  • Ch 3: Stacked Thirds: chord qualities and vertical strength
  • Ch 4: An Alchemy of sweet patterns: working with diatonic thirds, sixths and tenths
  • Ch 5: Triad Archipelagoes: Modular routing up the fret board
  • Ch 6: Open Access: double pull offs and hammer ons in open position
  • Ch 7: The Single-string Megesterium Learning scale patterns one string at a time
  • Ch 8: Getting into Shapes: the secret behind the circle of fourth and fifths
  • Ch 9: Advantage Position: Intervals, pedaling and chord arpeggios in positional play
  • Ch 10: The war on Error using pentatonic bends to make your playing mistake free
  • Ch 11: Anchor Steam: gaining chord power with "finger anchors"
  • Ch 12: Triple Play: a study in triad inversions

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