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Additionally the format is unique and I haven't seen this presentation anywhere else...I like this 2 lesson set a lot even though it tries to do too much in too little space. For all its talk of deciphering the mystical nature of music its presentation sometimes makes me long for a well laid out book. There are .PDFs of the articles, still, its the ungainly nature of the 24 monthly magazine format combined within two lessons.

This 2 lesson presentation came about as an accompaniment to the Alchemical Guitarist column which ran in Guitar World Magazine back in issue no ? Those articles are in .PDF file on the discs. It doesn't say that on the cases I have, but they are on disk if you look for them. You want them. I wish there was more of them and more of a linear chapter presentation. There is no start or end it seems like. This is what happens when you arrive at your lesson without having seen the previous lesson.

In fairness I have yet to meet the perfect guitar instructional from any source.

Essentially these two instructional Music theory lessons drop us in the deep end of the pool and give us an overview of making music on the 6 string guitar and in lesson II briefly the 4 string bass too. Depending on how good a guitar player you already are you may get confused with some of the concepts. What do you learn first? The major scale and its intervallic pattern and numbering system or the cycle of fifths? I would start with the former and then the later. But no....

I'll bet I am not alone in wishing many of those Guitar World and Guitar Player columns had all the preceding articles in each issue as well leading up to the current but that wouldn't help circulation. Obviously you need to build a foundation and you got to start somewhere.

Well the same applies here to a certain degree in the 2 lessons. Vast concepts are mentioned and then raced through. Numbers are spewn at you to rote memorize that will "lead you to an impeccable knowledge of every aspect of musical movement".

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