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Slash - Yngwie Mamlmsteen - Joe Satriani - Dave Mustaine - Zakk Wylde - Billy Gibbons - Steve Vai - Lamb of God - Trivium - Steve Morse - John Petrucci - John Frusciante - Arch Enemy & More

Billy Gibbons is next for 6 minutes of Gretch BillyBo activity combining Eddie Taylor and Jimmy Reeds riff harmonies. Billy gets that fat sound and is hybrid picking. Too Bad he is so far away you cant see any details but you got to love Billy G!!!! Some B.B. King licks are next and then pick harmonics. Bills says to learn our I IV V and don't be afraid to use our finger and our pick.

Steve Morse is our last teacher and we get a little over 6 minutes of him. Here he talks about taking a scale sequence and breaking it up into phrases. G Dorian Mode and the Blues scale is shown to us which he uses four notes at a time to make sequences - just that moving pattern over and over. He then uses the sequence to make several solo phrases out of the chopped up sequence. He actually goes to some trouble and this is the most student friendly lesson on here. Take a breath from playing notes every two bars is his advice, short-short-long. This is a good but short lesson similar to the John Petrucci one.

#1. Yngwie Malmsteen: How to Play Fast from Guitar World Magazine 07/2008, Developing speed and spontaneity, Linking the Phrygian Mode, Linking Phrygian Mode with Harmonic Minor scale and diminsihed-seven-arpeggio.

#2. Joe Satriani: Soloing from GW 04/06: The Art and Science of Playing Rock Lead Guitar.

#3. John Petrucci: Playing Sequences: from GW 07/07:Expanding Melodic Sequences by moving them across octaves in different positions

#4. Andy Aledort: from GW 06/08: Fast E blues scale licks using open strings, Essential minor pentatonic rock licks, whammy trills, Fret board tapping.

#5. Zakk Wylde: from Guitar One 02/07: Pentatonic Boxes, Adding Chromatic passing tones, Chicken Picking, Amp and effects pedals setup.

#6. Steve Vai: Freak Show Excess from GW 04/05: Phrasing and Articulation,Soloing over a looped vamp, Playing in odd meters.

#7. John Frusciante: Rhythm and Soloing: from GW 07/06: James Brown Style Funk, Single Note Funk,2 note chord melody ideas,stretching and compressing time when soloing.

#8. From GW 01/07: Lamb of God, Megadeath, Trivium, Arch Enemy Band members roundtable on the Art of Shredding: Modern Rhythm, Warming Up, Speed Picking, Swept arpeggios, Legato Phrasing, Pentatonic licks.

#9. From GW 01,02,03/08: Slash: Pre-Gig warm up strategy, Using the pinkie and different fingers for string bending, playing the pentatonic scale in different position on the neck.

#10. Billy Gibbons: Playing the Blues: from Guitar One 03/06: Boogie Riffs in the style of Eddie Taylor and Jimmy Reed, Robert Johnson style turnaround, Elmore James style Licks, Using sixth intervals, B.B. King style licks, Pinch Harmonics, Tone Production

#11. Steve Morse: from GW 09/06: The Morse Code Column: Phrasing, How to scale sequences creatively in solos.

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