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Slash - Yngwie Mamlmsteen - Joe Satriani - Dave Mustaine - Zakk Wylde - Billy Gibbons - Steve Vai - Lamb of God - Trivium - Steve Morse - John Petrucci - John Frusciante - Arch Enemy & More

Guitar Hero Tips is next with Andy Aledort: Essential tips bitchenly fast Em pentatonic riffs. Who can play fastest? Am pentatonic in 5th position. Whammy Trills/Tremelo Arms Trills. Fret board Tapping in A. 13 minutes of advanced tips. More dis-jointed filler.

Zakk Wylde is fresh from the gym with more fast guitar shred-picking. He does some hybrid picking too. 6 minutes worth. 2 of which Zakk goofs around with us and makes fun of the pretentious parts of the guitar instructional industry. Then there is another three minute segment where he describes to us his guitar rig and pedal board. With which he proceeds to play some nice spacey Jimi Hendrix style. Then he does EVH with a compressor and gives us examples of where he might use each of the only a handful of pedals on his board.

Steve Vai appears for 6.5 minutes looking like he is at home in Mother ship Studio in Hollywood. Bulgarian wedding music is his Freakshow Excess. He is using ProTools and plays over a sitar like loop, which then changes to another Bulgarian odd meter. Excuse me?

John Fruscciante next appears for 8 minutes and starts off with Jimmy Nolan funk rhythm then gets rocky with some other riffs. He uses his fingers next for some slower ballad like material. Its about playing music with the band members and constant interaction for him in the band context. He does some nice Hendrix wah-wah licks and talks about bending the fabric of reality playing faster then slower, louder then softer. He studied with Joe up above perhaps.

The art of shredding with Lamb of God's hung over Mark Morton old school metal vs the more modern techniques. Example late 80's Bay area thrash rhythm vs a more modern contemporary even faster more aggressive approach. Megadeaths Dave Mustain is up for 35 seconds, then another Lamb of God. See menu below for more. If you want to learn this style then go here Chop Builder Shred Shop and here  and here. Here all you are going to get is frustrated. More filler slapped together.

We get 3 minutes of Slash playing scales. The he muses on warming up by ignoring the concept and just playing. The we get 2 more minutes and then 3 minutes where he talks about scales and keeping at it. I like Slash but this is filler.

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