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harmony and theory back cover Like Guitar Player magazine being for years the only guitar publication now there are over ten others. Guitar Player and Guitar World have been bought by bigger firms - Heck Rupert Murdock could own them now for all I know. Bain or Mitt Romney owns 'guitar center' so nothing is sacred.

The thing about this particular alternating bass guitar style is it was invented before electricity and before we were born.

It was an acoustic solo endeavour mostly and that's why they developed the steady thumb alternating bass line to make it sound like a piano playing bass and a guitar playing the melody. Is that a Delta Blues thing too?

The delta Blues gave us African 'call and response'. I put on Scott Ainslie's Robert Johnson guitar lesson lesson and he is playing 'Come on in My Kitchen'. He talks about the need to play rhythm, bass and lead guitar. Not to mention bottleneck slide. But he doesn't make mention of the steady thumb. Steady thumb is a distinct style and hard to do.

Sounds really good if done well. God Bless us all. This one approach to learning this style and if you kept at it would make progress.

Also for beginning steady thumbsters by Stefan and one by Happy.

    Fingerpicking Country Blues Guitar a Repertoire lesson - Stefan Grossman
  • Ch 1: Open Credits
  • Ch 2: Lesson Intro and tuning
  • Ch 3: Discuss right and left hand techniques
  • Ch 4: "My Creole Belle"
  • Ch 5: Discuss lesson structure
  • Ch 6: split screen
  • Ch 7: Intro to 'Louis Collins'
  • Ch 8: 'Louis Collins'
  • Ch 9: split screen
  • Ch 10: Intro 'All My Friends are Gone'
  • Ch 11: 'All My Friends are Gone'
  • Ch 12: discussion of the counterpoint phrase
  • Ch 13 : Playing in the key of D and See See Rider
  • Ch 14: See See Rider
  • Ch 15: split screen
  • Ch 16: Key of E and 'Sugarbabe'
  • Ch 17: 'Sugarbabe'
  • Ch 18: split screen
  • Ch 19: Key of A, 'Monday Morning Blues'
  • Ch 20: 'Monday Morning Blues'
  • Ch 21: Split screen
  • Ch 22: 'Candy Man' Mississippi John Hurt
  • Ch 23: split screen
  • Ch 24: Left hand Dampening Key of G Sister Kate
  • Ch 25: The F Rag, split screen
  • Ch 26: Closing thoughts

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