The Cream of Eric Clapton - In Deep with Andy Aledort Page Three

guitar instructional DVD  back cover Andy whips out an acoustic to show us how Robert Johnson tuned to open A to play slide. He tunes us to open A. Pops on a capo at the 2nd fret and finger picks and plays slide. And he lets us see he is reading a chart. They rarely let you see that.

Andy talks slide technique and shows us how to play Crossroads in open A without too too much fingerpicking complexity.

He talks Robert Johnsons sound and this stops being per say an Eric Clapton lesson - now we talk John Mayer's Guitar World lesson where he plays Crossroads.

Andy concludes the 18 minute Robert Johnson segment by pointing out the similarities between the two versions is a repeating part Clapton made up which serves in the electric Cream version.

Here he switches over to a standard tuned electric guitar. A really sweet little lick it is too. Then Andy makes it all worth while by showing us the basic Cross roads riff as played by Eric and the I IV V changes too.

This last bit turns this into quite a nice little electric and acoustic blues guitar lesson. Also Open A is a well kept secret conducive to hooks should you want to try it.

This last electric part is in standard tuning and something you could do as an inspired beginner if you applied yourself and it sounds really good too. Amaze your friends! Amaze yourself!

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