The Cream of Eric Clapton - In Deep with Andy Aledort Page Two

So Part two covers the song Crossroads and is 23:00 minutes long and part one is about Steppin' Out and 17:00 minutes long so that's 40 minutes in total focused on those two songs. They are both covers of other people songs.

Andy teaches us the G minor pentatonic scale and then begins riffing in the style of Eric Clapton and there is no way a beginner is going to be able to do that. I cant do it off hand and have been at this for some years.

He explains it again with a 5th string root instead of a 6th and this is great to know but needs some working up to. A few years of working up to. Unless you are a genius in which case you have been practicing your fret board I - IV - V and are ready to bust some more blues licks moves.

I have to hand it to him, Clapton played really fast pentatonic and blues scales and still kept musicality. Don't expect to be able to do that with out some serious work and you cant fake it. Now on the other hand if you are ready then Andy can play extremely well and like Eric Clapton and offers a keen analysis that would be very helpful.

Andy shows you where on the fret board you should concentrate on gaining fluency with the scales' octave centers at a relatively slow pace and then plays it just like Eric and then breaks it down with some sixths intervals interspersed with minor and major pentatonic. He is playing a flame top Gibson Les Paul through a Marshall perhaps. You need an electric guitar for this sound without question. You can learn the scales on an acoustic to start of course but to what fret? If acoustic is what you have then do it! Robert Johnson did when he wrote Crossroads our 2nd tune.

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