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 back coverFrom here you could learn about the fifth fret - some also call that position 5.

If you started with a bar chord at the fifth fret with a 6th string root you would be playing an 'A' bar chord E shape.

Without moving your hand position you could fret the four chord 'D' using the 'A' shape from the C-A-G-E-D system. Fifth string root.

If you slide that D (IV) bar chord up a whole step (2 frets) that would be an 'E' chord and E is your five chord (V). A(I) - D(IV) - E(V).

You have discovered a Holy Tenet. Place it in your inventory for additional attribute and skill points!

Because Steve throws all these cool Johnny B Goode type riffs at us where we learn a lot about 1-4-5 or I-IV-V. And how that works on the neck particularly on the three highest strings but also on the remaining.

Its showing you how to use the pentatonic at the fifth fret over the I-IV-V progression. But it isn't fast Chicago single note electric blue its Chuck Berry - St. Louis - Rock and Roll.

Chuck was pals with many greats and mentored by Muddy Waters and subsequently introduced to his first record label Chess in Chicago. I read his auto biography. Brilliant fellow. Tough life but a good one. Fame, Acclaim, Wealth and even health! Chuck is in his 80's but perhaps frail.

As Steve says " Its all about the attitude and the soul of Rock and Roll. Play hard and mean it". Its my understanding Chuck only ever had one no.1 hit in the US. A song about his Ding-a-ling.

So here in this lesson its 'in the style of' but not so you'd notice. Sort of close to exactly Chuck Berry licks Steve has arranged into a sequence for us to learn one at a time that flow seamlessly and use: double stops, pick ups, slides, thirds & sixths and diatonic harmony. It makes a lot of sense in its way learning by doing. 

In addition to the 6 Sections there is an interesting Sounds section and a Techniques section. The 2nd Chuck Berry lesson has actual songs. Also its longer than this one at 84 minutes. Those are the two main differences between the two Chuck Berry lesson's.

I personally started with this Quick Licks Chuck Berry guitar lesson (which they don't call number one but that I do) and recommend that approach for learning guitar students.  I am not 100% sure it makes a difference. Buy one and see. The other lesson Chuck Berry Lesson by Steve Trovato is also excellent.

    Chuck Berry ~ Rock & Roll~ Steve Trovato about 1 hours worth of lessons
  • Ch 1: Play all Lessons
  • Ch 2: Section One (7:46)
  • Ch 3: Section Two (9:20)
  • Ch 4: Section Three (8:17)
  • Ch 5: Section Four (11:00)
  • CH 6: Section Five (8:30)
  • Ch 7: Section Six (10:47)
  • Ch 8: Guitar Techniques (2:58)
  • Ch 9: Sound Advice (3:36)
  • Ch 10: Performance
  • Ch 11: Jam Track

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Role Models

“If I knew I had to play this song the rest of my life I probably woulda wrote something else….”
― Joe Walsh (“Rocky Mountain Way”)