Guitar Scale Guru ~ Karl Aranjo

Taskmaster guitar teachers tell you stuff like: Practice the notes of the Em scale on the open strings of the fret board starting on the high E strings.

 back coverGo down the high E come up the B. Down the G Up the D and so on. But they wont tell you what the notes are. With this book at home you will laugh at problems like these.

Next thing you know you are Ritchie Blackmore doing Highway Star. This book teaches you the C-A-G-E-D system which is like the ten commandments as far as gospel guitar playing goes.

Is Scale Guru a misnomer? I think this would have sold better as a C-A-G-E-D Method including scales.

For sure it has a lot of information and if you let it, will just about show you with TAB as well as notation that very Em scale on the high E string (page 125). But there its shown in the 5 scale positions using 3 and 4 note patterns respectively to a string across all the strings.

It vividly shows you the whole neck without overwhelming you. Here is why. Open it to a place you feel comfortable depending on how many chords you can voice. How about C? Stay with C for 14 frets.

And its not in the least bit stuffy or 1 dimensional Mel Bey-ish. Next follow highlights from the Table Of Contents.

The Open String Major Scales: Major, Root 6, Root 5, essential guitar theory, Root thinking fret board strategies. The Circle of 5ths.

Then we move on to the moveable scales Root 6 minor pentatonic, root 6 blues scales, major pentatonic roots 5 & 6. Natural Minor the same. Essential scales roots 5 & 6.

5 Position Playing C-A-G-E-D System, Linking System, The Minor Scales, some advanced theory: the pure minor. I am not half way through the TOC.

You could approach this book as a reference every once in a while or as your from day one guitar neck orientation manual.

Studied linearly this book practically takes you by the hand. I like it and wish it had been available years earlier. Make a real nice gift to a fumbling guitarist without breaking the bank. You know who I mean. Metronome also mandatory. This book in combination with a digital presentation such as Joe Stumps Chop Builder or Danny Gills Harmony and Theory or Randy or Ywnigie to name just 4 would be a splendid idea. I promise! This book is going to work for you for all styles electric or acoustic.

The other must have book in my opinion is Rhythm Guitar the Complete Guide with its accompanying digital component. Its contents cover a lot more than just rhythm guitar. So its perfect for a newly forming guitar slingers development. I'd buy both of these if possible.

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