Fretburning Blues Runs - Danny Gill Page Two

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  • Ch 1: Jam 1
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  • Ch 3: Jam3
  • Ch 4: Jam 4
  • Ch 5: Jam 5
  • Ch 6: Jam 6
  • Ch 7: Jam 7
  • Ch 8: Turnaround Licks
  • Ch 9: Scales and Arpeggios
  • Ch 10: Performances
  • Ch 11: Jam tracks 1-7

During of the course of 7 of what they call "Jams" we are taught "runs".
Runs are licks or little melodies which when strung together make up the most excellent guitar blues soloing that you absolutely want to learn.

I see a little bit of everybody in here Stevie Ray Vaughn, Freddie King, Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, Albert Lee, Robert Cray and there is a really tasty organ player smoothing things out. Sweet! Drummer makes you tap your foot too! There is happening rhythm section going on here! Inspirational.

There are jams too where you play the lead guitar to these guys and those I like a lot as they actually have feeling to them. Ch 11: Jam tracks 1-7

But Danny doesn't play exactly like those guys mentioned above - he can play that stuff in his sleep - so he makes things interesting and plays them with a twist or slant of his own.

Still you can hear where he is coming from. In jam 4 we are in C#minor and he plays a 16 bar blues with up tempo more of a fusion sounding blues solo in C#minor pentatonic. He shows you the licks broken down.

Jams 5 and 6 are funkier in key of B.  Jams 5 & 6 are like a up tempo Willie Dixon and/or Howling wolf song in the bass with a nice long lead several of whose components are worth learning in my opinion.

Jam 7 is in G with a Rock Me Baby Feel to it maybe like Jimmie Page or Eric Clapton style. Sometimes because there a lot of notes it gets tedious trying to follow along. But don't let that stop you. This is a worthy guitar lesson.

First Danny Gill plays the Jam and then explains the runs within. If you have been doing your 5 pentatonic shapes vertically this will show you how to stretch out horizontally on the fret board and exemplify a lot of other legerdemain in the process. This should be on your list of the Blues top ten if starting from zero but not number one.

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