Blues Guitar in 6 Weeks Johnny Winter Style/week 2 - Steve Trovato Page Two

harmony and theory back coverHe shows how to play licks using these notes and to use phrase repetition to create a driving rhythm effect.

Sequencing is discussed next and is a way to play the scale using pull-offs and hammer-ons in addition to sounding the notes. If you do it right its a device for making longer lines.

Well worth being able to do and he explains it pretty darn well and takes his time. Buy it for this alone.

We next move on to the lick section of which there are three. He plays them then explains them highlighting techniques from the lesson above. This is all basic stuff plus and explained very well, in a hold your hand kind of manner that many learning players will like a lot.

What he shows us he shows with care. Still there is little resembling a Johnny Winter kind of feel to it. That's not surprising since Johnny was years ahead of what we are seeing here although obviously he used the techniques we are learning but took them a few steps further. Poetic license.

Lastly Steve strings the 3 previous licks together so we can see and hear them in action all at one time. There is a familiar sounding jam track where you should go to practice your new budding skills.

Sadly the pamphlet concept is eschewed by licklibrary so use your own guitar scale reference book if you need to. His show you here and now technique is great currently but if you ask me, sooner or later you will desire to see the whole fret board diagram. Years ago before the advent and availability of this guitar type of lesson medium we would have given an arm and a leg for this kind of instruction. Today we are spoiled for choice. Still its like a fine wine. Steve distills the essence and serves it up.

    Blues Guitar in 6 Weeks Johnny Winter Style/week 2 - Steve Trovato
  • Ch 1: Play All Lessons
  • Ch 2: Building A Blues scale from minor pentatonic
  • Ch 3: Phrasing
  • Ch 4: Hammer Ons and Pull offs
  • Ch 5: Phrase repetition
  • Ch 6: Sequencing
  • Ch 7: Lick 1: In the Style of Johnny Winter
  • Ch 8: Lick 2: In the Style of Johnny Winter
  • Ch 9: Lick 3: In the Style of Johnny Winter
  • Ch 10: Final Solo combining all new techniques
  • Ch 11: Jam Track

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