Blues Guitar in 6 Weeks SRV Style/week 1 - Steve Trovato
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harmony and theory back coverThis is what a good teacher can do for you! Worth the money right there!

You can use the same pattern further up the neck over the 4th and 5th chord positions and at the 12th it repeats...

Phrasing is the next part and the phrasing for a blues shuffle is based on 8th note triplets. He explains about beats and note durations: quarter notes, eighth notes - he tells you how to subdivide eighth notes out loud and then explains how to count triplets one-trip-let, two trip-let, three trip-let.

So you fit three syllables in each eighth note spot.  Geez I have been playing that for years and never realized I was playing triplets. I didn't understand them and now I do! How embarrassing! Its the blues boogie played fast and moanin' for you Mama played slow!

Next we introduce the concept of chromatics - usually passing tones in bass lines or melodies and how if we are in E (and we have been in the key of E) to create the most characteristic blues sound you should solo in the E blues scale over the 4 and 5 changes to create tension.

We next move on to some actual licks in the style of SRV only simplified so we can actually approach them. If you like SRV you are going to love this guitar lesson.

Boys and girls here I stop my in depth analysis and that was just to get you reading off the same page as your instructor and seeing if it fit your needs. You ought to know already and act accordingly. I recommend it.

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