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The Allman Brothers, Best of ~ Dave Celentano Page Four

This is impressive guitar playing. I have a couple of good guitar lessons related to modes. So if you want to learn modes from an incredible guitar picker and country rocker you should check out my review of Will Ray's Street Survival Guide to Modes. And also, but in a more academic setting, with pamphlet, Musician's Institute Guitar Soloing Contemporary Guide to improvisation.

But I'd buy this very lesson if I was an Allman Brothers fan! For a couple of reasons.

One: every one will think you are a hot guitar player if you rattle of some of these licks.

Two: you will learn some guitar moves that aren't plain old blues. Everything can get 'old', if over done, even blues!

Three: this will open new melodic avenues of approach in the way you manipulate the fret board!

The rest of the songs are well taught and worthy. Little Martha is in open E but the rest of the songs are standard tuning except the afore mentioned Open E slide guitar solo in Ain't Wastin' Time No More.

    The Allman Brothers, Best of ~ Dave Celentano 62 minutes
  • Ch 1: Intro (0:30)
  • Ch 2: Tuning (0:34)
  • Ch 3: Jessica (5:51)
  • Ch 4: Ain't Wastin' Time No More (6:30)
  • CH 5: In Memory of Elizabeth Reed (9:52)
  • Ch 6: Whipping Post (12:39) Open E
  • Ch 7: Ramblin'  Man (4:50)
  • Ch 8: Black Hearted Woman (8:21)
  • Ch 9:¬†Melissa (4:47)
  • Ch 10: Little Martha (10:05)
  • Ch 12: Closing Credits

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