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The Allman Brothers, Best of ~ Dave Celentano Page Three

So we need to get over to open E tuning to play the slide guitar melody. Maybe later. Meanwhile, the rhythm guitar, in standard tuning, nut position, Bb rhythmic fingering is brilliant. Both in its simplicity and feel. Its a lesson making use of chord note intervals within a shape. Owning the center.

So he shows us those standard tuned guitar moves and then to play the solo we have to do a slide thing in open E. Our guitar guide David has a classical right hand finger technique he uses in open E fingering voicing them 'ole notes with far more melody than a mere down stroke. Eye watering good slide in open E.

We next skip along to In Memory of Elizabeth Reed another Dicky Betts tune. Which is a haunting classic and has some unforgettable guitar things going on.

I am starting to see a pattern here and that is if we aren't playing A Mixolydian, we are playing E Dorian and then hop over G Dorian. Its a la Modes and stuff! Well what do you know! We could be learning something here!

And these are melodies that many of us already know. Melodies high on pedestals in the Pantheon of Southern Rock. Knowing them off hand or not will vary with the individual but learning them is excellent finger board modal activity and which may open up many doors to us. In fact I cant think of any better modal guitar lesson for someone who knows these melodies and changes.

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