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The Allman Brothers, Best of ~ Dave Celentano Page Two

 back coverAnd a beauteous song it is too with a real simple bar chord rhythm progression but amazing melody in A Mixolydian.

Now I am saying to myself I told you so! A Mixolydian another scale to add to the list scales I need to work on.

So my point is, that at first, your conceptual base needs to be ever expanding and to round out your routine. Basic Theory.

But hey wait a minute! I play A Mixolydian all the time doing blues bass lines. I just never called it that. Plus I never played it quite in those positions.

Epiphany! This is a very hip melodic use of the fret board by Mr. Dicky Betts.

Mr. Dan pops off Jessica's melodic phrases pretty as you please and then comes back and breaks it down for us. The hardest part is the rhythmic beginning and I am enjoying myself immensely. Jessica after about 6 minutes dumps us like last years football star and we move on to Ain't Wastin' Time No more. This particular song is a combo rhythm and slide guitar lesson and a country rock adventure.

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